An introduction to our governance.

The voting platform is the first step into transitioning Kalmy App into a community governed protocol.

Any user that holds KALM tokens on BNB Chain, Fantom or Avalanche, be the tokens in their wallet, locked or staked can cast their vote and make their voice heard within our voting platform.

What is counted as voting power?

Any KALM/veKALM token outside of LP tokens is counted as voting power.

Our snapshot strategies add the following to your voting power:

  • Staked KALM tokens

  • Locked KALM tokens (veKALM amount)

  • KALM tokens in wallet

The strategies are taking in consideration all three blockchains the KALM token is available on: BNB Chain, Fantom and Avalanche.

Voting power multiplication

You can multiply your voting power up to x208 times by locking your KALM tokens.

Learn more about our KALM locking mechanism.

🔓pageKALM Locking

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