Learn about the parameters of our KALM locking mechanism.

Locking periods

The minimal and maximal amount of time you can lock your KALM for.

Locking PeriodValueveKALM


1 week



208 weeks


By locking your KALM tokens, you're effectively multiplying your voting power up to x208 times the locked amount, proportional to the time locked.

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Unlocking your KALM is done in two stages. The first stage is the "locked" stage, in which your KALM tokens are effectively locked in the smart contract, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits associated. The second stage is the "streaming" stage, which starts as soon as the "locked" stage finishes and you click the "Stream" button. In the streaming stage your KALM will be released to you linearly for the same duration as the locking period. Your KALM tokens have no boosting effects while in the streaming stage.

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