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How to Deposit BNB or BUSD
How To Yield Farm With Leverage
Vesting rewards

How to Deposit BNB or BUSD

Step 1. Go to the "Farm" tab.
Step 2. Click on the "Deposit" button of the asset you want to lend.
Step 3. Enter the amount of BUSD or BNB you would like to lend, then click "Deposit" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Now, in order to benefit from the full APY shown, we have to stake the interest bearing tokens we received (iBNB or iBUSD) for KALM rewards, otherwise all you will be earning is interest on lending, without KALM.
Step 4. Click on the "Stake" tab and click on the "Options" button near the asset you want to stake.
Step 5. Click on the "Max" button in order to stake all of your interest bearing tokens, then click on "Deposit".
Step 5. Congratulations, your assets are now successfully lent and staked.
Now, sometimes in the future you might want to remove your assets from the bank, maybe you've farmed enough to buy a Lambo, who knows!?
So, let's see how to do that!
Step 1. While on the "Stake" tab, click on the "Options" button near the asset you want to remove.
Step 2. Click on the "Remove" tab, input the amount you want to remove in the first row and click on "Unstake iToken".
Step 3. Now, the iTokens will be sent to your wallet. After the transaction confirms, on the same tab, at the second row, input the amount of iTokens you want to convert back to BUSD or BNB, then click "Convert to BUSD/BNB".
That's it, now your assets are back in your wallet!

How to Yield Farm With Leverage

Step 1. Go to the "Farm" tab.
Step 2. Pick the pair you would like to provide liquidity for in the "Farms" section. You can sort the pairs available by popularity and/or by the main borrowing asset. For this example we will pick BUSD/USDT. Once you found the pair you're looking for, click on the "Farm" button.
Step 3. Input the amount of BUSD or USDT you want to provide, pick the leverage level that satisfies your risk appetite, then click on the "Farm" button.
That was all! You're now farming your favorite pair using leverage. You can find your open position in the "Your farms" section.
Now, sometimes in the future you might want to close your position, so let's see how we do that.
Step 1. Click on the "Manage" button of your open position.
Step 2. Click on the "Remove tab". In here you will see two options, "Minimize trading" and "Convert to BUSD".
The "Minimize trading" button will do as little transactions as possible, which means, depending on what assets you provided in the first place, that you might receive more of the provided asset than the borrowed one, in our case USDT.
The "Convert to BUSD" button does exactly what it says, it taxes everything you own in your position and converts it to BUSD. (Or BNB, if your pair borrows BNB).
Pick the option you like and confirm the transaction within your wallet.
That's it, you've now closed your position!

Vesting rewards - How to double your rewards

When farming on, you've got the option to lock your rewards for two months in order to DOUBLE them! Let's see how we do that!
Firstly, you can find the rewards section on the bottom right of the "Farm" page.
Now, let's see what this all actually means.
The first thing we see when we scroll down to this element is the amount of KALM we have available to claim, and its value in USD.
Now, here we have two options, the first option is to claim everything as it is, without doubling it by locking. To do that, simply click on "Claim now" and... claim them!
P.S: Did you know that by claiming your rewards now, you're burning the same amount of KALM as you're claiming? Yep, that's true. When you're farming KALM, we're actually also reserving the same amount of KALM for you to double your rewards. If you instead opt to claim them instantly, the KALM reserved for you is burned forever, lowering the total maximum supply for KALM forever.
If you instead would like to double your KALM rewards, simply click on the "Vest for 2x" button, pick which rewards you want to Vest and then just click the "Vest" button.
Tip: At the bottom of the above element you can see the unlock date of your vested rewards.
I've heard you vested your rewards, great! So... what now?
Well, now click on the "Vesting rewards" tab to see how your rewards look like!
As you can see, in here you will be able to see your vesting rewards in real time, with a countdown telling you how many days are left until claiming day.
Now, if you really need to claim your KALM rewards before the vesting period ends, you can do that too!
To do that, simply click on the "Claim all now" button you can see on the image above.
Keep in mind that the rewards will not double, but yes, you will still burn the KALM we reserved for you and that by clicking the button you will claim all batches of rewards.
I waited all 60 days, how do I claim my KALM now?
That's some diamond hands you've got there, congratulations on doubling your rewards!
To claim them, simply click on the "Claim available" button and every KALM that has been through vesting will be sent right to your wallet!

Additional Information

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach the Kalmar team in the telegram group.