Burning mechanisms

An introduction to our KALM burning mechanisms.

Since the launch of our KALM token in May 27th, 2021, more than 10% of the maximum supply has been burned with the help of the burning mechanisms implemented within the leveraged yield farming protocol and the bonds mechanism.

Leveraged yield farming

The mechanism imbedded into our leveraged yield farming product is related to the way the rewards are being offered to lenders and borrowers.

The secret is that when you're farming on Kalmar, we're actually reserving double the rewards for you.

Once the rewards are available to claim, two claiming options become available. Users can either vest their rewards for two months, doubling them in the process, or decide to claim them immediately, which then activates the burning mechanism, throwing the same amount of tokens claimed into the abyss, never to be seen again.

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🏦Leveraged Yield Farming


The burning mechanism we've innovated and implemented within our bonds works in a very easy to understand manner.

When bonds start, the amount for sale is 1,000 KALM per day; if all bonds for the day are sold, the amount increases by 500 KALM, meaning tomorrow there will be 1500 KALM bonds available, with a minimum of 500 KALM per day and a maximum of 5000 KALM per day being sold through bonds.

The burning mechanism activates once the bonds are not sold out, as all unsold KALM bonds are sent to the burn address.

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Burned KALM

The links to verify that the KALM tokens have been sent to the burn address on all blockchains KALM is available on can be found below.

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