Missing Farming Position

What to do when your farming position does not appear.

With the leveraged yield farming UI working via snapshots and 3rd party fetching tools, there are times where your farming position might not be visible due to a very congested node.

With that said, we've implemented a hot fix which you can use to fetch your positions manually, in an instant.

You know the position's ID

If you know your position's ID, all you have to do is input your position ID in the input area below and fetch your position by clicking on the "Fetch" button.

I don't know the position's ID

If you don't know your positinion's ID, then you must find it. This can look a bit like a technical challenge, but it's really easy.

Step 1. Go to BSCScan.com and search for your address.

Step 2. Find the transaction in which you opened the position. It should be a transaction with the "Work" method. Click on the "Txn Hash" link.

Step 3. Click on the "Logs" button.

Step 4. Scroll down untill you find a transaction which's function name is "Work". In the "Topics" area, the "1" will be your transaction's ID. If instead you're seeing a bunch of hex code, simply click on the decoding button and pick the "Decode" option.

That's it, you've now got your position's ID. You can go back to the first step and fetch your position straight on Kalmy.app.

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