Introduction to Kalmar
A little bit about us.

What is Kalmar?

Kalmar is a decentralised one-stop platform on Binance Smart Chain - focusing on low transaction costs, high transaction speeds as well as a simplistic and straightforward user experience via a highly intuitive user interface.
By focusing on the best-working features and innovating the most successful financial instruments on Ethereum, the Kalmar team is planning on transitioning these services in order to address the demands of the same nature on the Binance Smart Chain.
These services include (but are not limited to) lending, derivatives, payments, or liquidity providing - while allowing new users to experience high transaction speeds with the benefit of paying lower transaction fees.
The transition of services are completed in accordance with Kalmar’s core principles:
  1. 1.
    Adjustments based on community responses
  2. 2.
    An intuitive user interface
  3. 3.
    Novice-friendly user experience.
All the migrated services are subject to interoperability, aligning with Kalmar’s one-stop destination vision. All services are also intended to contribute to the revenue sharing mechanics of the Kalmar platform.

Why Kalmar?

The problem

Ever since it’s release in 2015, the blockchain programming environment, Ethereum (also known as the Ethereum Virtual Machine) has shown it’s great benefits for allowing the creation of fully decentralized “smart contracts”. With the help of smart contracts, numerous successful applications have been created on Ethereum with a total value locked in the dollar equivalent of over $14B (at the time of writing).
Due to its unforeseen huge potential and high demand, these smart contracts on the blockchain continuously experience several crucial problems:
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    High transaction fees that are incurred on users whenever the network is congested. This eventually leads to slow transactional speeds, making the network unusable in some instances.
  2. 2.
    Complicated user interfaces and poor user experience where newcomers are overwhelmed, limiting certain larger and important audiences from entering the industry.
  3. 3.
    High distribution of the varied and unique digital applications/services, which result in separate and steep learning curves thus limiting the potential of cross-expansion for the industry.

The mission

The Kalmar team is focused on creating a one-stop service on the block chain. Our focus is to build a project that essentially addresses the primary problems in the current blockchain environment. The pillars of Kalmar are to build products that work at low transaction costs with high transaction speeds, a simplistic and straightforward user experience as well a highly intuitive user interface.
In 2020, the Binance exchange released its own Binance Smart Chain – an alternative for the Ethereum network, providing the ability to create highly scalable smart contracts on its transaction efficient network.
Combined with the Kalmar team’s expertise in corporate experience, project management, and multi-layer marketing programs as well as extensive networks outside of the cryptocurrency world, the Kalmar team is dedicated to building the Kalmar platform to expand its use and utility not just for investments but also real-world applications. Extending a project's utility not just within the blockchain environment but to real-world uses as well.

Our vision

The demand for migrating high-valued Ethereum products to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been growing ever since BSC launched on the first of September, 2020. According to CoinMarketCap, BSC transaction fees are 35x cheaper compared to those on the Ethereum network while performing at much faster transactional speeds.
The Kalmar team plans on utilizing its qualified experiences outside of the blockchain industry to enter previously inaccessible but important markets. The Kalmar team consists of professional and experienced developers with data proven records of secure working products on both Ethereum and BSC. With the addition of high level corporate backing, the team will be able to build a base to access larger audiences that previously were not able to benefit from the blockchain industry due to the lack of proper user experience or complicated interfaces which demand steep learning curves.
Creating a one-stop type of environment should include fair access for all users to have ownership of the environment. The Kalmar platform is designed with the new, unaddressed markets being constantly captured by the Binance Smart Chain in mind and to generate revenue that is fairly distributed among its users.
Kalmar will provide its users with an opportunity to constantly benefit from various industries by being a participant in a single user-friendly platform.
On top of innovating, Kalmar will be heavily focused on transitioning existing solutions from other chains. The team will have a track record of success and failure points in development, as well as extensive community responses for the projects being transitioned. This would allow us to design more attractive products for users on a more scalable network.

What products are available and in the works?

The following are some examples of work that are already in progress by the Kalmar team at the time of writing:

AMM/DEX Aggregator

Rather than compete with large existing decentralized auto market makers (AMMs) on Binance Smart Chain by just creating similar products, the Kalmar team wants to provide its users access to other features that come with easy access to the best, fairest and fastest transactional opportunities available.

Leveraged Yield Farming Platform

We aim to transition to a successful and robust concept of a leveraged yield farming platform for liquidity mining protocols on BSC (such as Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap or Narwhalswap) that would allow both landers and farming-borrowers to access an amplified level of APYs.
An existing solution to begin forking such a platform is the Alpha Homora platform on the Ethereum chain.


Kalmar's gaming product(s) are currently in the works, please see the page below for more information.
Albeit being a feature that might be a bit distant in the future to be released, the gaming-elements of the project are something that the Kalmar team is excited to be working on to be introduced to users.
The Kalmar team wants to be able to build new connections and opportunities to cater to the ever-growing gaming community all over the world. We believe that the e-sports industry (professional or casual) will continue growing and want to be able to offer opportunities to gamers, not just to grow their skills, but to be able to trade, invest and ultimately have a source of income as well.


Kalmar's NFT based product(s) are currently in the works, please see the pages below for more information.
The Kalmar team has had it sights on NFT's from the mid 2020's and has since predicted huge moves in the NFT industry. By early 2021, the interest for NFTs world-wide has already surged. Within the first quarter of the year, the NFT industry has seen immense growth through exposure through the entertainment industry where artists are continually using NFTs as bonuses for their own line of products.
This has solidified the Kalmar teams efforts to make sure that we equip the platform with adequate instruments and features to be able to cater to the incoming demand for NFTs. We are currently in the process of securing not just better products on the platform, but also collaborations and networks from interested parties beyond the blockchain world.

Team's philosophy and experience

Combining talented developers and letting them do what they do best.
The Kalmar team believes that micromanaging devs can lead to a lack of creative work. Hence why we believe in their potential by allowing them to express themselves in their work, which in turn, brings out the talent within them. A goal and vision is set and the devs are given freedom to build toward that goal with regular checks and milestones to ensure that every aspect of the platform resonates with each other.
Corporate-level project management to back the development talent.
The Kalmar team plans on utilizing its qualified experiences outside of the blockchain industry to enter previously inaccessible markets. An element that is more often than not, missing from projects in the blockchain. Kalmar believes that networks and abilities both within and outside of the blockchain have to exist in order for a project to succeed.
Attracting team member’s investor’s networks and reaching out to foundations.
These investors would be those who are personally identified and recommended in the project by the project team. By doing so, Kalmar manages expectation and risk by establishing the foundations and building blocks of the project on individuals that hold sufficient knowledge and understanding of the project.
Wide range of experience and access to advisors of IPO level.
The Kalmar team includes members that have a wide range of experience which is beneficial for management. In many project teams, skill sets of the core team sometimes weigh heavy to the code and technical development. Kalmar’s core team consists of people who are not just talented developers, but also consists of individuals with corporate, community, marketing, branding and creative industry experience - with networks and experience to match.
Community as the “final team-mate”.
Kalmar also believes that gold can be found within users of the community. The team will honour and adopt a system of strong community interaction and structure where it sees fit, that can benefit and bring strength into the project. Community contributors and non-core members varying on the phase and genre of development will be key to ensuring the project’s innovation, relatability and longevity.

Additional information about Kalmar

For additional information feel free to refer to our White Paper.
If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach the Kalmar team in the telegram group.
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