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NFT Staking

An introduction to our NFT staking product.
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Our NFT staking platform aims to promote BNB Chain-based NFT collection by allowing users to stake their 3rd party NFTs on the Kalmy App platform in exchange for KALM rewards.
The incentives for the KALM rewards each NFT collection will receive are collectively determined by the community through the NFT wars, in which users vote with their KALM voting power to decide which NFT collection will receive the most rewards for the week.
Current stakable NFT collections

👨‍🏫 How to use our product?

Learn how to use our NFT staking platform.

🗳️ Vote for your favorite NFT collection

You can vote for your favorite NFT collection using your KALM tokens. Learn more about voting.
By locking your KALM tokens you can multiply your voting power up to x208 times. Learn more about locking.