Leveraged Yield Farming — Product Tokenomics


We allocated 9.5% of the supply for the leveraged yield farming product, to be released in the following manner:
Total release
Regular rewards
800,000 KALM
2 years
Launch event
150,000 KALM
45 days

Allocation per user:

In both cases, the allocation for lenders is 80%, and the allocation for borrowers is 20%.
Which means:

Out of the 800,000 KALM tokens:

  • 640,000 KALM are allocated for lenders
  • 160,000 KALM are allocated for borrowers

Out of the 150,000 KALM tokens:

  • 120,000 KALM are allocated for lenders
  • 30,000 KALM are allocated for borrowers

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To learn more about the tokenomics of the leveraged yield farming product we invite you to read the blog post, which explains in detail everything about it.

Additional Information

If you still have any questions or issues, feel free to reach the Kalmar team in the telegram group.