Information about the leveraged yield farming platform's airdrop


In this document you will be find the necessary information needed regarding Kalmar's leveraged yield farming platform's launch phase airdrop (allocation, snapshots, how it all works, etc)
Other blog posts containing information about the airdrop:
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If you have any additional questions to which answers are not present in our blog posts or docs, feel free to reach the Kalmar team in the Telegram group.


For this event, we allocated 300,000 KALM tokens (3% of the supply).
  • Allocation will be distributed equally between borrowers and lenders.
  • Allocation will be taken from the "Team and Partners" fund.
The allocation distributed between borrowers and lenders is equal:
  • 150,000 KALM tokens for lenders
  • 150,000 KALM tokens for borrowers

The Airdrop Mechanism

With many questions being asked in our Telegram group about the airdrop, we want to make the mechanism clearer for everyone.
Your allocation depends on three main factors:
  • The total amount of TVL that will be sharing the airdrop
  • The amount of funds you lock into the protocol
  • The amount of snapshots in which you are registered


The only snapshot that will be publicly announced is the one that will be taken on April 16th at 10 PM SGT. All other snapshots will be taken at random times chosen by the Kalmar team to protect our users and ourselves from bad actors.
That means that the more snapshots in which you are registered, the more you distribution of the airdrop you will get.
If you lend 10 BNB to the bank for 1 snapshot out of 10 total (10%), your allocation will be proportional to 1 BNB.
If you lend 10 BNB to the bank for 5 snapshots out of 10 total (50%), your allocation will be proportional to 5 BNB.


What's an airdrop?

An airdrop is an event in which the project distributes digital assets (coins, tokens, NFTs, and so on) to users, with the most common requirement being using the protocol itself.

How do I qualify for Kalmar's airdrop?

In order to qualify for our airdrop users have to provide BNB coins to the bank and/or yield farm with more than 1x leverage.

What's a snapshot?

A snapshot is an event that records and saves the state of the blockchain at a specific block height to be later used as data.

I'm lending/borrowing, do I qualify for the airdrop?

As long as you've been lending/borrowing at the time of the snapshot, yes, you qualify for our airdrop.

When are the snapshots taken?

We are taking between one or two snapshots a day.

How long you'll be taking snapshots?

We will take snapshots until the day the KALM tokens launches.
We do not have an exact date for the launch of the KALM token, but we can estimate the launch to be within May 2021.

Is it too late to participate in the airdrop?

Depends when you're reading this, but as long as the token is not released, no, not at all!
Again, we're taking snapshots every day, don't focus only on the first snapshot as there are many.

Is there a minimum of BNB I have to use to participate in the airdrop?

There is no minimum when it comes to providing BNB to the bank, however, the farms do have a 0.5 BNB minimum debt ratio.

For whom was the first snapshot?

The first snapshot only included the funds in the bank, every snapshot after that also includes the farms.